A Post About Brenden

July 10, 2012 at 10:32 am (Big B)


At the end of January, my first born child turned eight….and it’s true what they say, eight is pretty great. Eight year old Brenden is fantastic. He’s smart, creative, kind, and keeps us laughing with his quirky sense of humor. Brenden is one of a kind. He is fascinated by sharks, and all monster fish in general. His favorite food is saucy meat balls over rice. He loves building lego models, and dances down a grocery isle better than anyone I know. He is always entertaining.

The whole year Brenden was seven, he couldn’t stop talking about when he’d turn eight. I’m sure his excitement was in large part from watching his fun, older cousins set an example of being baptized, and also because his Dad was a cub scout leader. When you’re a boy that belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints, baptism and cubby scouts are big time things to look forward to when you turn eight. Brenden was very eager to participate in both.


This smug face makes me laugh. 

Greg does a good job of promoting a love of scouting. He and Brenden used to talk all the time about when B would be able to join Cub Scouts, and B could. not. wait. It’s been so fun to watch him join and take on the responsibilities of being a scout with enthusiasm. He’s so handsome in his little uniform, and loves working on his requirements.

As much as Brenden looked forward scouting, he anticipated his baptism day for much, much longer.


Each cousin and friend getting baptized before him set the standard for what Brenden thought was cool. However, as his birthday got closer and closer, it became more apparent that his choice to be baptized was being influenced by the Spirit. Plain and simple, Brenden felt good about it, and believed that what he was being taught about Heavenly Father and Jesus was true. Brenden radiated joy and confidence. He felt joy in choosing the right, and his happiness was particularly impossible to miss on the day of his baptism. Two words: perma grin. Looking through these pictures brings me a lot of comfort. I feel like I slept walked through this time, but seeing his happy face brings to mind many sweet moments that might have been forgotten.


For example: There was the Sunday that we “lost” Miles after church. After looking everywhere, Greg and I agreed to split up at the back of the church, comb each side for him, and meet at the car in the front. Brenden, Eve and Greg made it to the car quickly. Brenden being sensitive to our concern offered to say a prayer. He asked Heavenly Father to please bless me to find Miles, closed with an Amen, and declared with confidence, “There. That should do it.” I walked up with a mischievous Miles in tow about ten minutes later…grateful for the heavenly assistance.


I can’t imagine our family without Brenden. He is a great example to his siblings and his parents. We love him dearly.


We were fortunate to have bunches of people from our family and ward come to support Brenden. He loved it, and so did I. We felt very loved as a family. Our friends and family are awesome.


Cousins Will and Eli walked up just in time to get in on the picture taking. These boys are so LOVED in our home.


It kills me when I stop to notice just how tall and grown up Brenden has gotten. It happened in a blink, I tell ya. A BLINK!



Brenden was particularly glad to have both sets of his grandparents come. My Dad even made the hard trip after just having knee surgery. I couldn’t ask for better Papas and Grammas for my kids.


Going under water is NOT Brenden’s favorite thing. However, this face embodies how he faced his baptism day: no fear, only smiles. He walked confidently into the water with his dad with a few nervous giggles. When Greg immersed him in the water, Brenden launched himself back up to the top with the most hilarious wide-eyed face. The panic only lingered for a split second before he broke into laughter. His whole face beamed. I’ve never seen Brenden more proud of himself. I hope he never forgets how he felt that day. I know I’ll never forget the joy I saw in his face.

I love this boy.



  1. jennie kunz said,

    SO CUTE! I love his little smirks. Reminds me of you. They are growing up too fast. I love the family shots. You guys are a darling family!

  2. Lauren said,

    Has it really been 8 years since I held that baby boy??? He is so handsome… all your kids are. Thanks for sharing about his special day.

  3. Becky Cox said,

    I love your passion for family and kids. I love the way you write, it is just so….connectable…… (look it up, probably isn’t a word) with the rest of us in blogland. Thanks for sharing. I must admit when I’m having a bad day with the baby or am frustrated with family I read your blog. It humbles me.

  4. Becky Cox said,

    Oh yeah, and that short hair cut of yours? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

  5. Reese Clark said,

    Love the B! We were so sad to miss his baptism. Thanks for sharing this experience.

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